Stone Age Brick Ovens

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    To the Stone Age Fireplace line up comes the Brick Cooking Oven. Suitable for gas or wood the oven is easy to assemble and comes complete with high temp cement additive.

    Stone Age also offers dampers, doors, and thin veneer natural stone for the exterior as an option. Cook authentic wood fired pizzas and many other dishes on this multi-functional brick oven. An easy sell to the installer and a sure hit when entertaining family and friends.

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     Stone Age Brick Ovens are yet another choice designed to enhance your cooking lifestyle.
Brick Ovens date back to the very beginning of cooking and are still used widely
in countries like Italy today.

     The cooking results with a Stone Age Brick Oven include pizza, roasts/meats, desserts and a variety of breads, which simply aren't possible to create with conventional ovens. Start with real Italian baked cuisine, cooked at a heat only you can provide with an in-home brick oven.

     The design of the Stone Age Brick Oven concentrates higher heat where you want it most. The ability of these ovens to heat up quickly and hold higher temperatures allows you to cook authentic wood fired pizza in just minutes. The possibilities include turning cooking in your home into a lasting memory.